Ensure your business is ready for change

Change Management is a structured approach to moving an organisation from the current state to a desired future state. It is the management of change and development within a business or similar organisation.

Change management is an important endeavour in any organisation, since the task of managing change is not simple. When we use the term ‘managing change’ we mean making changes in a deliberate and systematic manner. For an organisation to remain competitive, it needs to adopt appropriate and proportionate new technologies and embrace change, it is what the customer expects. Large projects within organisations inevitably include a change to its systems and processes.

An organisation’s requirement for innovation, particularly when considering large IT projects, requires the concurrent need for improved Information Security and Information Assurance processes. Our security specialist background, alongside extensive change management experience, can help your organisation realise it’s vision of successful change.

An organisation’s change activity can be thought of as a process which stops the current organisational process, makes the necessary changes to the current process and then runs the new process. Stopping a process could be disastrous for an organisation, hence the change needs to happen with minimal impact to business operations and the people involved.

Change Management Institute

Managing such changes in organisations requires the Change Manager to have a broad set of skills, such as: people and stakeholder engagement skills, analytical skills, system skills and business skills. A Change Manager is a different being to an IT Project Manager, sometimes elements of their skill-sets do overlap. The Change Manager will be focused on the processes, people and culture side of a change project, whereas an IT Project Manager will be more systems and technically focused. This aspect is often overlooked by senior leadership who may neglect the importance taking the people and organisation through the change (as well as upgrading its IT System).

We can facilitate all elements of organisational change; from an initial gap analysis (or a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) if a proposed GDPR focused change) all the way through to change delivery and benefits realisation. We can help during every step of the change, or specific steps identified within the change programme.

Qualified to MSc level in Business Change Management, the numerous change theories and methodologies are well versed and understood. However, it is the practical, hands on approach Change Practitioner that can really benefit your organisation. We are what your organisation needs. Our clients have included the MOD, broader Civil Service and the Nuclear Industry and we embrace working in all sectors.