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A Security Management Plan (SMP) is a widely used (often mandated) security document, that is an integral part to winning and maintaining government contracts. There are few new contracts or contract renewals being let today, that do not have this as a prerequisite.

These SMP’s can vary from very short, easily achieved documents, to quite complex pieces of work. Some of the factors that will shape the size of the document and the effort you need to put into producing one, will be dependent upon a number of different factors. These might be, the classification of the task, the urgency of the task, the location of the task, the complexity of the task, having appropriately cleared staff, and its relative value in monetary terms.

For contract award you may also need Cyber Certification such as Cyber Essentials, IASME Governance or ISO27001, plus appropriate staff recruitment processes in place, using schemes such as Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS), appropriately cleared staff, and accredited systems and premises in place.   

SMP Risk Managed partners have helped many companies overcome these contractual security hurdles and win successive contracts.

The alternative to an SMP is the Security Assurance Agreement (SAA) 

If your engagement is going to be short, low value and low risk then an SMP might be too much security. The SAA may be something smaller companies winning lower value contracts might prefer to engage with. It really depends on what it is you do, want to do or what the contracting authority expects of you. The flexibility between selecting to have a SMP created vice a SAA is something we can help you determine.

The SAA question set will be tailored specifically for you but there are some standard questions that are common in all. For example: Confirm compliance with the five technical controls of Cyber Essentials? How will you protect the transmission of any contracting authority information in transit and at rest etc? Generally, there won't be more than 10 questions asked, so contract dependent, this might suit you better. Get in touch and we can discuss the different options that will help you win that contract.

Dependent on the scope and scale of your contract will determine the effort required in order to produce the SMP or SAA. This will be priced accordingly. Ask us for a quote and I am sure you will find us good value for money.